About Kings circle

Kings Circle was created from its parent company Carnevale Network Ltd in 2014, by the latter’s core tourism marketing and business team. We share Carnevale Network’s guiding principle: “to educate, inform, entertain and promote Caribbean and Latin culture, from carnival culture and events to Caribbean entertainment and historical culture.”

Kings circle: part of a greater whole

Kings Circle is part of a greater organisation, an organisation that builds and manages online magazines, Media House, business and tourism consultancy, tour excursion providers and tourism services and consultancy.

  • Carnevale Network
  • Carnevale Escapades
  • Carnevale 24
  • Checkmate Agency
  • Kings Circle

From this simple premise, Kings Circle has evolved into a respected and trusted agency, providing a variety of destination branding, marketing and digital promotions to meet and surpass our clients' needs. Our six-strong team of tourism consultants and branding marketing professionals work closely with tourism boards, businesses, individual destinations and even performing artists. We create relevant and impactful strategies to boost tourism, while raising business awareness. 

We are particularly experienced in terms of carnival promotion, from events in the Caribbean itself to Caribbean-influenced carnivals around the world.

Focusing on sustainable long-term strategies rather than short-term advertising-led campaigns, Kings Circle also works closely with tourism boards, individual destinations and tourism-based industries. We regularly operate under non-disclosure agreements, handling sensitive statistical data and confidential client strategies. 

Even so, our work has provided us with vast amounts of valuable data regarding tourism trends and behaviours, helping us to identify new and changing demographics for tourism. This lets us identify tourism trends before other agencies, creating new revenue streams which our clients can utilise to boost tourism numbers and generate online revenue.

Our intimate knowledge of Caribbean countries (and their native cultures) has allowed Kings Circle to develop strong affiliate relationships with many of the Caribbean’s top artists. 

This is supported by our Carnevale Escapades excursions company, operating as a sister brand to Kings Circle and providing flights, hotels and carnival experiences throughout the Caribbean region and South America. We are also related to the Carnevale 24 news and information channel, which provides positive and uplifting news on events across the Caribbean to an annual audience of over 5.5 million people.