Destination branding, marketing
and digital media

Kings Circle has highly qualified teams of people handling branding, marketing and social media on behalf of our clients. These industry experts identify and promote each destination’s identity by communicating core values to an international audience, from promoting key destinations through to reflecting indigenous values and showcasing local culture. This brand-building is critical, as identity and its associated values represent a key influencer of today’s consumer buying decisions.

Promotional Video content

At Kings Circle we have a dedicated media team that create all media types that can promote your brand and destination, from ads to informational videos to destination and organisation promos, we do it all in house.

Successful destination branding is the key to successful destination marketing. This process will enable tourists and travellers to associate their own values with those of the destinations, bringing both into alignment. In turn, that increases the perceived value of the destination in the eyes of potential visitors and tourists. 

Our branding team can develop new destination brands from scratch, while improving the perception of existing brands with assessments and health checks. These are invaluable in terms of assessing the effectiveness of an existing or proposed brand identity.

The variety of marketing services we provide enables Kings Circle to deliver integrated strategies that achieve results. We take every aspect of the marketing process into account, ensuring consistent communication and representation of a client’s brand. 

We’ll also adapt our work to dovetail with existing tone-of-voice standards or branding guidelines. This ensures we deliver materials that sound like our clients produced them in-house – eliminating any sense of a third-party company being involved.