Tourism trends and insights

What lies Beneath

Tourism is a constantly evolving industry, where fashions come and go just like the tourists who visit each season. New resorts are constructed, and established destinations begin to attract different audiences as their offerings change or mature. The wider tourism sector can be affected by everything from economic headwinds to the intangible sentiments that give individual destinations a reputation as being ‘cool’ or a ‘must-see’ attraction.

Tracking these evolving trends requires a level of insight and awareness that individual resorts and local tourism boards tend to lack. It demands a global perspective, and an innate understanding of market sentiments across local markets, wider regions, whole countries and entire continents.

 That’s where Kings Circle is able to help. We are constantly undertaking B2B and B2C market research, to inform future strategies and activities on behalf of our clients. And because we provide comprehensive tourism insights, alongside concise and informative evidence of market trends, our clients can cut to the chase when they’re not busy with day-to-day duties and core obligations.

We design bespoke client research programmes from the ground up, ensuring we provide optimal intelligence and insights to underpin their subsequent delivery. A key difference between our destination consultants and many lesser competitors involves the wider tourism expertise that our experienced staff bring to each project.

This level of experience anchors our research work in demonstrable reality, from initial discussion stages through to the final interpretation and application of our findings.