Market insights

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Providing market insights has become more important than ever, given the fluid and challenging nature of today’s industry. Long-established travel operators have been taken over by smaller, more customer-focused rivals, as the generic package deal falls from favour. The reasons people travel have also evolved, with a greater desire for experience-led vacations as an escape from busy lives. There is unprecedented focus on sustainable tourism, often allowing visitors to immerse themselves in native culture. Meanwhile, the internet gives consumers more power than ever to research their perfect vacation.

how it works

From booking trends to activity trends, traveler trends to tourist trends, we look at the data to anticipate the next trends to come and develop the next packages, services and experiences that will meet the new trends.

To pre-emptively identify (and proactively respond to) this rapidly changing market, Kings Circle uses market research as the bedrock of our destination development work. We offer a range of market research services for our clients, helping to evaluate changes in visitor perceptions while simultaneously assessing business performance and the impact of any new proposals. We also recognise the unseen driving forces and motivations that are increasingly leading people to pick lifestyle holidays over beach holidays, visiting locations off the beaten track.

We have amassed huge volumes of market data which underlines these changing market trends, including the growth of non-traditional tourism options. There is greater cynicism nowadays surrounding one-size-fits-all package deals, particularly among Millennials who demand customised trips centred on their own interests and passions. 

Identifying these new values and norms within key consumer markets is one of many ways Kings Circle is able to provide insights regarding future tourism trends.