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Welcome to the website of Kings Circle. We are a tourism services consultancy solutions company, specialising in the Caribbean markets. We are dedicated to supporting and encouraging the development of Caribbean and Latin culture, particularly through the vibrant carnivals which serve as high points in the calendars of many central and southern American countries.

About us

How we help you get results

Our multi-disciplinary services embrace the full range of tourism and consultancy activities. We provide tourism planning and strategic consutancy for clients throughout this burgeoning sector, helping them to develop branding and marketing materials. We are also ideally placed to identify tourism trends and strategies by providing market insights, helping service providers to optimise future sales and marketing campaigns.


why we exist

Kings Circle understands that creative identity branding and marketing comes from a change of mindset from the norm. Kings Circle specialises in creating tourism branding and marketing strategies that are specific to our clients, in this age of information technology and the advent of social media, the ability to reach out and capitalise on the many markets and their demographics is a key component to successfully communicating with the your target demographic.


Our Podcasts

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Meet the team

Our team of tourism consultants and marketing professionals has an illustrious track record of supporting both new enterprises and established tourism bodies. We regularly work at state level throughout the Caribbean, as well as liaising with tour operators, travel industry representatives and destination management companies.

Meet the team

FEmi oladimeji

Raymond Rodrigeuz