TOurism planning

Its not just about the "how"

The team behind Kings Circle have a wealth of experience in preparing and implementing tourism strategies and business plans, for many types of destination. We can direct and manage projects from the planning stages through to successful implementation.    

We approach each tourism planning job by asking three key questions:

  1. What do we want?
  2. Why do we want it?
  3. How do we achieve it?

The answer to these questions will be determined through a variety of market research, stakeholder consultation, development workshops and implementation planning. The latter may include a combination of feasibility studies, organisational structures, branding and marketing – all forming part of a wider master plan. 

Particular sectors (including business tourism) and specific issues (such as the provision of visitor services) frequently play a key part in the development of client strategies.

Our tourism consultants also have first-hand experience of restructuring destination organisations. Our innate understanding of this fluid industry enables us to speak to clients and stakeholders at every level in a language they understand, acknowledging the issues the Caribbean region faces while developing specific solutions to individual challenges.