tourism Management & development

Knowledge is worthless if it isn’t passed on, which is why Kings Circle takes every opportunity to share our insights and awareness with key stakeholders throughout the travel and hospitality sectors. To that end, we operate a wide variety of courses and seminars, innovation workshops and professional development activities.

Some of the areas we cover

  • Strategic planning
  • Operational training
  • Executive seminars
  • Optimising visitor services
  • Brand marketing
  • Customer relationship management

Our knowledgeable experts regularly host strategic briefings on global tourism trends and the preferences of modern consumers. These are tailored and delivered to suit specific target audiences, often including director-level professionals and Government ministers. 

We also regularly host one or two-day executive seminars, targeting senior personnel in ministries, destination marketing organisations and development bodies. These seminars provide insights and advice regarding many different aspects of tourism, from sustainability and brand marketing through to optimising visitor services.

Kings Circle is also ideally placed to provide strategic planning and operational training on all aspects of digital media. These include analysis of digital marketing trends, website design and search engine optimisation. 

We can help companies to maximise the potential of their social media channels, mobile platforms and customer relationship management, ensuring future expenditure achieves an optimal return on investment.