tourism Experience development

In any tourism project, it’s crucial to remain focused on the visitor experience. Kings Circle is renowned as a market leader in terms of planning and developing visitor experiences for destinations throughout the Caribbean and South America. Our planning work is increasingly focused on the development of experiences, drawing on work undertaken by three companies related to Kings Circle. These sister brands focus on entertainment, packaged experiences and tourism consultancy/development.

Kings Circle also provides consultancy for new visitor attractions, ensuring no opportunities are missed which our clients might be able to capitalise on.

These could include identifying cultural routes and heritage sites, or providing advice on visitor management and marketing strategies. We work with tourism professionals to help brand, position and market their destinations to the right audiences, optimising available budgets.   

Our experienced destination consultants can think creatively, while remaining grounded in the realities of each local market. They have extensive experience of working across the public and private sectors, allied to a nuanced understanding of issues as diverse as economic development, regeneration and indigenous culture. Because we understand today’s rapidly changing tourism marketplace, we can promote and develop tourism experiences using the most effective digital channels, social media platforms, website designs and sales solutions.